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"Josh Ott is the real deal. He's an encourager, but not with hollow words. He's not interested in religious platitudes or helping people do more of the same but with a sense of greater happiness. He's interested in living on purpose as a disciple of Christ. He is as committed to grow and make a difference in the lives of others as anyone I've met in years. His personal commitment comes through in his messages. If you want authenticity, a fresh challenge to live for Christ in today's world, and encouragement, consider inviting Josh to come and speak."

- Eddie Cole, Eastern District Superintendent EFCA


"Pastor Josh Ott has a unique gift in how he speaks.  My teens were engaged and on the edge of their seats from the second he began speaking through his closing words.  There was an instant connection that has already outlasted our retreat and the teens of The Resistance can't wait for the next time they get to see him!  He is a humble servant and truly a gift from God to the church today!" 

- Pastor Vinny Cordaro, Integrity Church, Yaphank, NY


"I book 10 speakers each summer and every year for the last 10 years, Josh has been rated by students as the best.  He is a passionate, creative, honest, Biblical teacher.  I've never seen a speaker make as much as an impact on a personal level as Josh Ott.

- Derek Hodne, Program Director, Camp Orchard Hill, Dallas, PA


"Josh Ott has a genuine and real way of reaching youth today.  His messages are energetic and engaging so that youth can connect to what he is saying.  He is able to motivate and point young people to truth while helping them feel understood.  We are thankful for speakers like Josh who are able to reach youth from all different backgrounds and journeys!"

- Meredith Dahl - Executive Director, Cross Connection Ministries

"There is no one better at speaking to at risk students.  Josh is real, engaging and can hold a room's attention.  He is the best speaker I have ever booked."

 - Chuck Holt, Executive Director, The Factory Ministries

"Josh Ott doesn't sugarcoat the Gospel or pull any punches.  His honest and transparent messages as well as creative illustrations allow teens to experience God's truth and love in a real way.  I would recommend him for any retreat or speaking engagement needs."

 - Bryan Krauss, Pastor, Cross Creek Community Church