Buy Attention When It Is The Cheapest

Sounds so dirty doesn’t it? It sounds like some kind of marketing ploy. It certainly doesn’t sound like a way to approach anything from a church or ministry perspective.

But, if you want to show me something, there are times when it is easier to get my attention. Don’t try to tell me something important on a Sunday morning between services. Don’t try to ask me about church when I am fly-fishing. I’m not paying attention. Don’t try to get me to buy a swimsuit in December, or a winter coat in July. There are times when it is cheapest, or easiest, to buy my attention because I am more willing to pay attention to what you are trying to show me. Those times are the times I am looking in the general vicinity of what you want to present to me. Those are the times you should invest the most effort in trying to get my attention.

The same is true of the audience you are trying to reach. Sometimes they are more open to the idea you want to present to them. If you are a church, two of those times are December leading up to Christmas and March leading up to Easter. Christmas and Easter, two times people are more willing to try a new church or show up for the first time. These are the times of year to encourage people to take a chance and show up. These are the times you want to invest the most energy and resource into showing people who you are and what you are all about as a ministry.

When you invite people, don’t forget these three keys.

  1. Always add value before you invite them.

  2. Answer the questions they haven’t thought to ask.

  3. Give a clear picture of what they can expect if they show up.

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