10 Things To Remember When You Feel Like You Bombed A Sermon

At some point, if you speak/preach enough you will step off of a stage and feel like you just bombed a sermon.  Everyone has been there and here are ten things to remember so you don't stay there.

10 Things To Remember When You Feel Like You Bombed A Sermon.

  1. God does the heavy lifting, not you. (Philippians 1:6)
  2. His word never goes out and returns empty.  (Isaiah 55:11)
  3. You aren't a good judge of how you speak (good or bad.)
  4. No one remembers the stuff you are afraid they will remember.
  5. You are harder on yourself than anyone else will ever be.
  6. On your worst day you are better than you think you are.
  7. The Holy Spirit isn't hampered by a poor delivery.
  8. Live in the ocean of God's grace, not in the puddle of your own good or not so good work.
  9. Humility is important, embrace the opportunity to live in it.
  10. It is a beautiful thing to watch God use our mess to change lives.  You might not see it, but this is what He does.

Here is one actionable tip to practice when you feel like it didn't go as well as you had hoped:  Just let it go. It's done. God is going to use it.  Learn from it and move forward.

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