How To Upload Videos Directly To IGTV From Your Desktop

Instagram's IGTV is a new feature on Instagram that you should be paying attention to and using. 

If you are unfamiliar with this feature start to explore it by being a consumer.  Learn the ins and outs of IGTV simply by watching IGTV videos.  Follow your favorite creators and interact with content that you like.

Here is why understanding IGTV is important.  IGTV was designed by Instagram to try to compete with on mobile devices.  I think they got pretty close with IGTV.  IGTV is a great mobile video social sharing space and if it catches some momentum it is going to take off with consumers.  Instagram (owned by Facebook) is going to be investing even more resources to ensure IGTV's success.  Now is a great time to be creating content and experimenting with this feature on the Instagram platform.  

A lot of content creators create high quality videos on their computers.  To avoid having to transfer these videos to your phone before uploading to IGTV watch the video above.  Not only will this video save you time, but it will allow you to experiment with IGTV video descriptions which could play a role in future algorithm changes to the platform.

Hope this helps.

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