Everyone Should Have A Pastor, Especially Pastors

Everyone should have a pastor, especially pastors.

My friend Joe, who pastors a very large church, reminded me of that recently.  I needed the reminder, but I have known this to be true for as long as I have been a pastor.  

In fact, If I could give any young church planter or pastor or seminary/college graduate going into ministry one piece of advice it would be this: Get yourself 3 or 4 people you consider your personal pastors.

I have four of them, we communicate regularly and they speak into every area of my life. 

One of my pastors is named Chuck Holt.  Chuck Holt is the CEO of Factories Ministries in Lancaster County.  He is a national training facilitator, consultant and keynote speaker.  

I recently recorded one of my phone calls with Chuck.  It was a conversation filled with truth and encouragement and I am sharing it with you.

Here are some of the highlights:

"Relationship rules the day."

"If your content isn't as good as it should have been but, you have a relationship, you're still okay."

"Organizations get so big that they know relationships are the most important thing but they say, we are too big to change."

"People are starving for quality, authentic relationships."

"As you're tying to build a future, build success, build an audience, remember that it's truly not about you... You're the delivery person and you want to deliver the best you can, but it is so much bigger than you...it's really about what God wants to do with humanity...I want to be the best messenger I can be, not because I am cool, but because the message is incredible."

Check the whole conversation out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKOtlshxwU0

Here are 4 tips to get yourself a Pastor.

  1. Ask someone with some longevity in ministry. You want a preacher who has been around the block a time or two, who has some bumps and bruises, who been to the mountaintop and who knows what the dirt tastes like in the valleys.  Look for wisdom and discernment as character traits.
  2. Be clear about what you are asking them for.  Tell the person you are asking that you are asking them to fill the role of pastor in your life.  Give them permission to speak into every area of your life.  Give them permission to call you on your crap.  Tell them you want to learn from them and you want to be in contact with them regularly (monthly or bi-monthly is recommended).
  3. Don't let the line go dead.  Follow up and say connected.  Ministry can be crazy busy, so fight to get phone calls and meet-ups scheduled.  
  4. Be brutally honest and transparent in conversations with your pastors. Do you want to be a healthy leader and grow?  Do you want your church or ministry to grow?  You need someone who sees the stuff no one else sees.  Let your pastor into your mess.  You will be so glad you did.

Your Voice Matters.