Just Keep Going (but don't forget to rest)

Have you ever felt like quitting?  Have you ever felt like your effort wasn't producing results (at least not the way you would like to see results)?  Ministry can be frustrating.  There are days where I just feel like packing up shop.

When I start to feel like that the first question I ask myself is, "Am I getting enough rest?"  If the answer is no, I shut everything down, take a nap, get to bed early, or do whatever else I need to do to get some rest.  You have to be resting and taking care of yourself or you aren't going to make it in ministry.

But, if I am well rested, often I need to just persevere.  Perseverance will get you somewhere and sometimes you just have to keep going.  Keep getting better.  Keep putting your content out there.  Keep improving.  Keep working on your team.

Persevere today.

Let the results up to God.

Your voice matters.