Everything Has Changed And You Can Leverage It To Reach New People

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I don't want to sound dramatic.  No one likes drama.  Especially leaders.  But, how we communicate and interact with each other has shifted.  Everything has changed.  If your church isn't growing with new people it is probably because people outside of your church just aren't paying attention to you.

You aren't necessarily broken.  You aren't doing anything wrong.  The problem isn't necessarily you, or your leadership, or your church.  So, before you go out and hire a consultant, or worse start comparing yourself to the guy down in North Carolina with the church of 16,000 or the guy down the street with the church of 1000, just consider that maybe the issue is a simple communication issue that can be fixed with a simple strategy. 

You can reach lost people with a simple shift in approach. You don't have to go door to door to reach people.  You also don't have to wait until they stumble into your sanctuary after just being clobbered by life.  You can reach them right now, through their smartphones and social news feeds. It isn't complex.  It doesn't cost a lot.  It is simple. 

And,  the return on investment is lives changed and souls saved.  Not to mention, your church will grow and so will your finances which will mean more resources to reach more people to see more lives changed. 

I have a course to help you learn and implement the simple strategy we have use to reach new people in our community.  We have experiences exponential growth from implementing this strategy.

The course is called Leverage and it is an online course you can walk your whole team through and use to onboard new team members and volunteers.  It is a great tool to use as training as part of your leadership meetings or to walk through individually.

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This stuff matters but you don't have to take my word for it...

Cedrick Brown is not only extremely gifted in leadership but he has one of the best pastoral hearts I have ever seen. Pastor Cedrick Brown is the Lead Pastor of Commitment Community Church.  Commitment Community Church is rapidly multiplying in their region. They have amazing leadership and they have been implementing this strategy since last February.  They are so good at implementing, when I have a phone call with their team at some point in the conversation I am the one who ends up taking notes.  

This is what Pastor Cedrick says about leverage, 

“Social Media and Online usage is not going anywhere in our lifetime. This is why I would recommend the 'Leverage Social Media and Online Strategy' by Josh Ott. It is amazingly simple, effective and sacred in its approach to reaching the lost and unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”- Cedrick BrownLead Pastor, Commitment Church

Get the course right here and start today. 

Course Tips:
Sign up for one account and use it for your whole team!
It also makes a great tool to onboard new volunteers and team members. 
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