6 Tips For Dealing With Your Public Speaking Nerves


When getting ready to deliver a talk even the best speakers deal with a flurry of excitement or anxiety. It is perfectly normal to experience these kinds of emotions. The key to dealing with them effectively and translating them into excitement that will fuel your talk is practicing some strategies that will set you up for success. Here are 6 mental tips that will help you maximize the delivery of your message.

1. Preparation. Preparation equals confidence. The more you have prepared the better you will feel and the better you will deliver.

2. Rehearsing. Don’t minimize rehearsing to standing on a stage and delivering your talk to an empty room. You can rehearse anywhere...shower, car, office, restroom, etc.

3. Dump The Presentation. I know some of you love your presentations, but if you are struggling with nerves or anxiousness, your presentations are killing you. Drop the clicker, set yourself free. Never, ever has anyone complained about my lack of PowerPoint slides.

4. Make It About Your Audience. It sounds counterintuitive, but the more you focus on the audience the less they will scare you. Take your focus off of yourself and place it onto them.

5. Visualize The Stage. Don’t make this weird. There is nothing hokey or new age about closing your eyes for a minute and picturing yourself walking up onto a stage without falling all over yourself. Visualizing simple is a way to rehearse with your mouth and eyes closed. Don’t do it while driving.

6. Practice The One Minute Out Routine. One minute out is when you will forget your talk or sermon. One minute out is also when you will forget your main point or where in the world the book of Joshua is found. Don’t panic it is just your anxiety flipping to excitement. Embrace the moment. Take a breath and practice the simple One Minute Out Routine. (The one minute out routine is a part of www.thespeakingcourse.com.  For more information on The One Minute Out Routine or The Speaking Course For Pastors, Speakers and Church Leaders email me at thejoshott@gmail.com of type one minute in the comments.

Your Voice Matters.