Get The Bigger Picture (and 4 spaces to do it)

I am a part of EDAmove's Multiply Team.  Being a part of this team is an incredible opportunity to hang out with and learn from some of the best church leaders on the East Coast.  I vlogged a trip we all took to Florida for the Exponential Conference.

I learned so much.  Big mission.  Big thinking.  Big conversations.

As a leader you need to be in a space where people can paint a bigger picture for you.  Get outside of your immediate context and spend some time thinking big about your future and your ministry.

Find the room where a bigger picture is being painted and then spend some time there. It will keep you from getting stuck.  

Check the VLOG out here:  How To Get The Big Picture

4 Great Places To Think Big:  

  1. Conferences - Conferences usually bring a ton of energy to the conversation and they serve as a gathering place for leaders who are looking to grow and who are serious about their mission.  Sign up for a conference and when you go meet some people and make some new friends.  Conferences are also a great place to think big vision.
  2. Mastermind Groups - These aren't huge in the church world (yet) but they need to be.  I am in a mastermind group (with entrepreneurs and business coaches).  A mastermind group is a group of big thinkers and big movers who help each other accomplish big things.  If you are interested in being in a mastermind group for church leaders let me know!
  3. Lunch with other big thinkers - You probably have people in your life who are big thinkers. Find someone in your life who thinks big and buy them lunch. 
  4. Staff meetings where vision is on the agenda and "How we have always done things" is not on the agenda.  The problem with staff meetings is the past and the present can often detract from thinking big about the future.  Declare the past and present off limits and start a wide open conversation about what could be.  

Your Voice Matters.